Youtube to MP3 Instruction


  1. Copy and paste the video link that you want to convert.
  2. Select ".mp3" in the format field.
  3. Click the "Start" button to initiate the conversion.
  4. When the conversion is done, download the file from the link provided.

YouTube is now the biggest video hosting, and when you are looking for the brand new hits or for your good old favourite songs, you naturally go to YouTube. Some people don't even watch videos there anymore, YouTube playlists turned into MP3 music collections. Music videos uploaded to celebrities’ official accounts are legal and of top quality, so by choosing YouTube to MP3 as your music source, you don't have to torture your ears with some bad quality MP3 steals or cropped versions. Just convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, download them on any of your devices, and enjoy premium quality music wherever you go. If your question here is how to convert YouTube clip to MP3, we have just the perfect solution for you - Flvto Youtube to mp3 Converter.

Use this software if you want to get YouTube to MP3 tracks and videos on your PC.

How to convert YouTube to mp3

Meeting the popular demand, the Internet offers us a wide range of YouTube to MP3 converters. Flvto makes the converting process as simple as counting to 3. First, you copy a link of any YouTube video you would like to convert. Second, you paste the link at and click “Convert” button. Finally, you download your MP3 file. These three simple steps will enrich your media library with high quality MP3 tracks in a blink.

How to convert YouTube to mp3 - Instruction:

  • 1.Copy YouTube Link of the Video
  • 2.Enter the Copied Link into the Input Field
  • 3.Click the "Convert To" Button
  • 4.Press Download and Get Your MP3!

That’s it! Now you can easily get your mp3 file for free!

As mentioned, there are many converters on the market now. Just to name a few, the YouTube to MP3 is the first converter website. It is pretty simple and free. The whole process will normally take around 3-4 minutes. This product is available for MAC, Linux PC and iPhone.

Another one, Clipconverter - Youtube to mp3 Converter is a media recorder application that may be used for the same purpose. The Clipconverter also has a browser addon that adds a button on YouTube pages to convert and download videos directly. The application supports YouTube, Vimeo and many more services to bring high-quality videos to any of these devices, such as IPhone, IPad or PC.

And if you are looking for a converter to work flawless on your mobile, check out the 2conv - Youtube to mp3 Converter. It is an online service that converts any YouTube video-formats to almost any audio format. The interface is very friendly and convenient. Simply paste the YouTube URL into a special field on 2conv website and the high-speed download starts in a few seconds.

Flvto Converter stands out with it’s 20 supported localizations, and the best part is that it is free and absolutely legal. The converter is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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